Approved Research Fellowships

Name Host Institution Title
Elisa Funck-Brentano (France) Institute of Clinical Sciences - University of Gothenburg (Sweden) A translation platform for identification of novel targeted and personalized treatments of melanoma in the post-BRAF era
Richard Watchorn (Ireland) University College London Hospital (United Kingdom) The Balanopreputial microbiome in male genital lichen schlerosus
Maria Gnarra (Italy) Columbia University (USA) 3D skin construct development: novel approach to dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa
Peter Koelblinger (Austria) Department of Dermatology - University Hospital of Zurich (Switzerland) Differential expression of interferon-related key molecules in ulcerated melanoma - impact on clinical outcome and sentinel lymphnode status
Marin Vujic (Austria) University of California San Francisco (USA) Melanoma acquired and innate resistance to target inhibitors: MIRAT