The JEADV Clinical Practice (JEACP) is the new open access peer-reviewed publication of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology and a companion title to the well-established Journal of the EADV (JEADV). It features cutting-edge educational and clinically-orientated content, for aspiring researchers, to showcase the latest hands-on practices in clinics and innovative clinical and surgical skills.

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The JEADV Clinical Practice is the go-to open access resource for anyone wanting to stay up-to-date with the management of skin and venereal diseases. Covering all aspects of dermatology, the target audience includes both established and early-career clinical, surgical and aesthetic dermatologists and venereologists in hospitals or in private practice, as well as researchers, nurses, patients and their caregivers.

The JEADV Clinical Practice is a patient-centred journal - at the heart of our mission is the improvement of quality of care for people living with skin or venereal diseases. The journal provides reliable health information, as well as advocacy and thought leadership pieces concerning trends in health communication, with content relevant and accessible for patients, their caregivers, and healthcare professionals.

With a focus on dermatological & venereological science and teaching, the JEACP showcases a wide variety of flexible formats including research articles, imaging diagnoses, case reports and quiz cases supported by high-quality images and videos. The JEACP aims to make clinical research more accessible, both in terms of global reach, but also to drive equality and inclusiveness, encouraging authors from lower-income countries whilst also giving a platform to early-career researchers. With a low barrier to entry, flexible formats and a wide range of research welcome, promising a straightforward submission and peer-review process - it is never too early to start your academic publishing career.

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EADV Members Discount: Authors submitting to the JEADV Clinical Practice, where the corresponding author is a member of the EADV, receive a 20% discount on the article publication charge. If you are an EADV member, please login to find the information about the discount code in My Account.