Should I apply for a Resident course or a Specialist course?

All our courses are tailor-made for a small audience of 15 to 30 participants and planned to fit the knowledge level of the attendees. Resident courses are open to all residents/trainees in Dermatology. Please note that people who have obtained a Specialist diploma in Dermatology and that are still training as PhD students or who are currently doing a residency in another country are not allowed to apply to Resident courses. Specialist courses are open to Specialists in Dermatology only; residents are not allowed to apply even if they have an important interest in the topic of a Specialist course. Additionally to residents and specialists courses, EADV offers a number of combined courses which are open to both residents and specialists. Doctors who wish to register for these types of courses must do so in the dedicated sections corresponding to their status.

I am currently a Resident but I should obtain my Specialist diploma just before the Resident course(s) I wish to apply for. What can I do?

Considering the delay between the application deadline and the course itself, you are allowed to apply for that course as long as you are not a Specialist when you are sending us your application and documents.

May I apply for a Resident or a Specialist course if I am not from/working in a European country?


May I apply for several courses?

Yes, you are welcome to register to our courses.

I am not an EADV member; may I apply for a course?

Absolutely. Please note however that for Resident courses, you will increase your chances of being selected if you are a member. For Specialist courses, you will benefit from a reduced registration fee (400 € for an EADV member instead of 650€ for a non-member).

I am currently in process to become an EADV member, should I inform you about it?

Yes, please write it as comment in your application(s), no matter if you are applying for a Resident or a Specialist course.

Do I need to pay to attend to a course?

All our Resident courses are free of charge: the EADV will provide you with free accommodation (in a shared twin room with a person of the same gender), catering during the whole course, one social event, a certificate of attendance, material for practical sessions (if needed), educational material on a USB stick, and, if you are an EADV member, an Educational Grant help you cover your traveling expenses. Participants of our Specialist courses will receive the same benefits, with the exception of the Educational Grant which is replaced by CME points and accommodation which is at their own charge. The registration fees are 400 € for EADV members and 650 € for non-members.

What happens if I wish to cancel my participation to a Specialist course?

Our policy is as follows: in case of any cancellation, the EADV will automatically deduct 50 euros from the refund. Should you cancel your participation less than 6 weeks before the first day of the course, the EADV will provide a refund of 75 % of the registration fee. If cancelled less than 15 days before the first day of the course, the EADV will not provide any refund of the registration course fee. Payment transfers from one course to another are not possible.

May I upload documents (such as my CV or my proof of status) in another language than English?

No, all submitted document should be in English.

I cannot upload my documents in PDF. Could you please help me?

Please avoid sending us files that are too heavy: have you tried using the "reduced size PDF" function?

Should I send you a clinical case when I am applying?

No, only selected participants for the Resident courses should provide us with a clinical case. For Specialist courses, clinical cases may be requested for certain courses, however this is not a standard requirement.

How are the participants selected for a course?

For a resident course, after each application deadline, a selection of participants will be performed by the Course Chair(s) and a member of the EADV Educational Committee. The selection is done taking into account various factors (your CV, experience, year of residency, geographical representation of attendees, EADV membership, number of courses already participated, etc.). The selection is definitive: any complaint will not be taken into consideration. For a specialist course, no selection is done as these courses are based on a "first come, first served" policy (resulting in some cases of the reimbursement of the paid fees), so we kindly suggest you to settle your registration fee as soon as possible to formally confirm your participation.

Is the EADV taking care of my travel arrangements?

No, for both Resident and Specialist courses you are responsible for making your own travel arrangements (all your flight/train tickets should be booked and paid by you).

Would you be able to help me ease my visa application process?

If you are selected for a Resident course or fully confirmed for a Specialist course, you may always contact us to obtain an official invitation letter to help you for that purpose.

I am already attending EADV congresses. Why should I leave my hospital/department/private practice to attend to a course?

Attending a course will offer you the unique opportunity to meet experts throughout Europe, to share knowledge within a small group in a laid-back atmosphere, which is totally different experience than a congress.

I really would like to apply for a Resident course but I don't like the idea of sharing my bedroom with another participant. What can I do?

If you are selected to participate, you will always have the possibility to renounce to the accommodation kindly offered by the EADV and book yourself a single room at your own expense. You may also contact the hotel should you wish to extend your stay before or after the course.

Why are you organizing the courses?

The EADV is a non for profit association, and thus has no commercial or political influence in these courses. We are extremely proud to offer you high quality theoretical and practical training from experts from all over Europe. We are glad to put our knowledge and expertise at your service and to celebrate European diversity.

How could I obtain regular information about EADV courses (such as a list of forthcoming courses)?

Please keep an eye on our website! Even better: like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter for regular updates!

Thanks for the above information but I still have a few questions for you!

Do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail ( ): we would be delighted to help you joining this unique and exciting programme.

How could I be sure to be eligible to receive the Educational Grant during a Resident course?

Please note that you should be an EADV member in good standing to receive a check at the end of the course, which means that your membership dues of the year in which the course is taking place should be fully settled. We also thank you to bear in mind that you must attend the whole course to obtain your grant and/or your certificate of participation, therefore we kindly suggest you to take that specific information into account while you will make your travel arrangements. Finally as the check will be valid during 6 months after the course, we kindly suggest you to go to your own bank and cash it as soon as possible. Any complaint received after 6 months will not be taken into consideration.