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Task Forces

A Task Force is a small group that brings together a specific set of skills and ideas to accomplish distinct projects of scientific or educational relevance in the speciality of dermato-venereology.

All Task Forces work under the umbrella of the EADV and report to the Task Force Facilitator who guides and oversees the Task Forces, mediates with the chairs, helps to develop your strategy in line with the EADV mission, reviews outcomes, and prepares the annual report on performed activities.

Christa de Cuyper - EADV Task Force facilitator 

Dr. Christa De Cuyper 
EADV Task Force Facilitator


Aims and Duties

The Board implemented Task Forces in 2005 to perform the following main duties:

  • make speaker suggestions to the Scientific Programming Committee for Congresses and Symposia
  • develop educational materials
  • allow the EADV to influence and keep updated information on matters related to special fields within dermato-venereology

Moreover, they may

  • be involved in preparation of guidelines or JEADV review articles
  • serve as contact to other committees when necessary
  • build a platform for common research projects (e.g. EU projects, multicenter trials etc.);
  • organise small meetings (with maximum 20 participants) on selected topics in the EADV House in Brussels or during the annual Congress


Furthermore, the following rules for the Task Force activities were given:

"The work of the EADV Task Forces is voluntary, their size is flexible. The Task Forces are principally open to all members interested. There is no inherent financial support connected with the work of Task Forces. However, they can ask for support regarding specific projects. Task Forces can organise an activity in the EADV House in Brussels, and the EADV will take care to provide a meeting room and support the catering (no accommodation or travel costs)."

Task Force coordinators initial term of office will last four years (extended by 2 years by officially making a request to the Board). Task Forces can be dismissed at any time when there is no apparent activity.

*There is only one exception: the "European Task Force Atopic dermatitis" (ETFAD) was an already exisiting Subspecialty Society with own rules which put itself under the patronage of EADV as “Eczema Task Force"; the EADV coordinators were the same as the chairpersons of the ETFAD, namely Ulf Darsow and Alain Taïeb. Therefore ETFAD had a right to propose their own Subspecialty meeting on Wednesday at our congresses. This right was not automatically granted to the other Task Forces.


EADV Task Force Bylaws

Please click here to read the official Task Force Bylaws, approved by the EADV Board in Copenhagen 2015 and refere to them for guidance to Task Force practices and principles.

For further information, please contact marina.binarelli@eadv.org

If you are a member and wish to contact directly one of the coordinators, you may also go to the members' search option "Find a member", in the section "My corner".


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