Member Benefits

Individual Member benefits

EADV Individual Member benefits include:
  • Substantial reductions on registration fees for EADV scientific meetings (Congresses and Spring Symposia)
  • Subscription to the on-line Journal of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology (access to current and past editions)
  • Subscription to the EADV News, a regular update on Academy activities and opportunities (on-line access to current and past editions)
  • Voting rights (for eligible categories)
  • Access to areas of the EADV website exclusive to members (member directory, JEADV on-line, Newsletter on-line, your personal account for the following membership categories : Specialist, Junior, Ordinary, International and Retired except Supporting Organisations)
  • Priority access to the extensive and highly successful EADV Educational Programme with focused meetings directed at both Junior Members and office dermatologists and venereologists
  • Access to Virtual Library (database provides access to nearly 900 journals)
  • Access to CME-CPD on-line questionnaires
  • Access to webcasts and presentations of past EADV scientific meeting

Annual Fees (1 January - 31 December)

Specialist*: € 150,00 (on-line Journal only) or € 180,00 (printed + on-line Journal)
Junior*: € 50,00 (on-line Journal only) or € 80,00 (printed + on-line Journal)
Retired (former EADV Members only): € 75,00 (on-line Journal only) or € 105,00 (printed + on-line Journal)
Ordinary (Non-Specialist in Dermatology and/or Venereology): € 170,00 (on-line Journal only) or € 200,00 (printed + on-line Journal)

*European physicians or scientists under 35 are entitled to apply for Junior or Specialist membership.

International*: € 150,00 (on-line Journal only) or € 180,00 (printed + on-line Journal)
International Trainee: € 75,00 (on-line Journal only) or € 105,00 (printed + on-line Journal)

*Included in this category: Physicians or scientists in Dermatology and/or Venereology and Non-Specialists outside Europe.

Important notes

Online Application

All on-line applicants are required to send the Agreement of Adherence to EADV Statutes document with original signature.


Membership runs from 1 January to 31 December each year. If you are joining part way through the year you will NOT be charged on a pro rata basis.

"Ordinary" Membership

  1. The annual dues for the Ordinary category are 15% above those for Specialist membership.
  2. At EADV academic events, sessions could be classified as "Restricted access - not for general public" or "Open to public" sessions. Only "Open to public" sessions will be accessible to the "Ordinary" (non Specialist) category members.
Application form

Supporting Organisation Benefits

Supporting Organisations will receive:
  • JEADV hard copy sent by post to the Organisation (no on-line access to EADV website)
  • Substantially reduced registration fees at EADV Annual Congresses and Spring Symposia for one person
  • Digital EADV Newsletter
Who can apply for Supporting membership?
  • National Societies
  • Organisations which are particularly active in the field of Dermatology and Venereology
  • National societies who register as EADV supporting member will be registered in the name of the society.
  • One officer of the organisation should be nominated by the organisation.
  • The nominated officer should be a member of the Executive committee of this society/organisation but cannot be an administrative staff member.
  • The Annual Fee for Supporting Organisations is € 1000,00.
Application form for organisations