Patient Information Leaflets

The EADV Task Forces have produced a number of leaflets intended to give advice to patients on different skin diseases and current treatments.
Quality information is essential in the understanding and development of care and improves the communication and experience for patients.

The educational aim of these leaflets is to offer a better understanding of dermato-venereological conditions, symptoms, treatments and procedures.

In addition to the available leaflets, you may also contact or visit your national patient association website or local dermatological organisation that can also provide access to additional information.

This represents a first step and an overview of your disease of interest – your treating physician will be able to provide answers to any other questions you may have and best advice.

You can browse all of the EADV patient information leaflets below, which are divided by topic.




Contact dermatitis
Eczema / Atopic dermatitis
Laser dermatology and evidence based devices
Non-melanoma skin cancer (NMSC)
Occupational skin disease
Skin in organ transplant recipients (OTR) 
Paediatric dermatology
Quality of life and patient outcomes

There are few good quality studies (prospective, randomized controlled) concerning the treatment of pregnant women and almost none for dermatological conditions particularly of topical treatments. This naturally leads to the difficulty giving evidence-based advice which is desired in general. The advice that will be given in our leaflets is based on the best available evidence.

However, usually there are no good quality studies available and we have to rely on retrospective cohort studies the most. The lack of good studies naturally led to different advice in different countries and it is impossible to know which is the best advice.

Tropical Dermatology
Wound healing

Thanks to the support of our colleagues from IUSTI, we are able to share the below patient leaflets on sexually transmitted diseases.

EADV and IUSTI  promote the sharing of information and engage in collective actions for the benefit of our patients.

UEMS/EBDV and ISIDOG also endorse these patient information leaflets.

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“Therapeutics in Dermatology” is an e-dermatology educational portal developed to ensure useful medical resources and content on skin diseases and therapeutic strategies.

It provides quality controlled educational material for patients and relatives, to inform and empower them to take better care of their health:


It is available both in English and French.


We would like to thank the Editorial Board of the project, coordinated by Prof. M. de Rie, Prof. P. Filipe and Prof. J. Lambert and the valuable collaboration of leading European academic dermatologists, mainly composed by EADV members, as well as the EADV Task Forces.