It only takes five years of outdoor work

There are almost 14.5 million workers in Europe, who spend at least 75% of their working time under the sun. Data published in the JEADV supplement (April 2016) on occupational skin cancer clearly showed that this major part of Europe’s workforce is under an increased risk of developing non-melanoma skin cancer (NMSC).

Data in the report show that after only five years of outdoor work, the risk of developing NMSC is at least twofold for outdoor workers compared to indoor workers. Furthermore, the data also show that health literacy and proneness to prevention are significantly lower for outdoor workers.

The report entitled “Non-melanoma Skin Cancer by Solar UV. The Neglected Occupational Threat”, provides an overview and new research on the current European status quo regarding epidemiology, risk assessment and UVR exposure measurement, legal management and health care services provided to affected workers.

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You can read the relevant Press Release here.