Call to Action


There are 14.5 million outdoor workers in Europe. However, they are generally unaware that they are at least twice as likely to get non-melanoma skin cancer (NMSC) as a result of their occupation. UV solar radiation is classified by the World Health Organisation as group 1 carcinogen, and is the leading cause of cancer worldwide. Currently there is no EU-wide requirement to protect workers at risk.

That’s why EADV is asking you to support our call to action. The six main actions to protect Europe’s outdoor workers from NMSC caused by the sun are:
  1. Improve the legislative framework to protect outdoor workers more effectively
  2. Ensure official recognition of UV induced non-melanoma skin cancer, incl. actinic keratosis as occupational diseases
  3. Develop easy tools to measure exposure to UV radiation in the workplace
  4. Build an evidence base on occupationally induced non-melanoma skin cancer incl. actinic keratosis
  5. Encourage multi-stakeholder collaboration to promote sun-safe working practices
  6. Educate on the simple and cheap techniques of sun-safe behaviour and prevention of skin cancer

You can read the Call to Action by clicking here (PDF file).

You can take action today by:

    • Signing the Call to Action
    • Sharing it with your colleagues, friends and family, as well as on social media and other platforms
    • Learning more about the issue

Add your name to the list and send a clear message to policy makers that they also need to take action now and protect Europe’s outdoor workers.