Scholarships & Grants


Our Scholarships are offered to young dermatovenereologists, residents or scientists to facilitate the attendance of EADV Symposia and Congresses: 
Michael Hornstein Memorial Scholarship, John Stratigos Memorial Scholarship, Imrich Sarkany Non-European Memorial Scholarship, Lecturer of the Year Award

Our Grants are only available to EADV members and facilitate the attendance of other dermatological annual meetings: 
American Academy of Dermatology Grant, British Society of Paediatric Dermatology Grant, French Society of Dermatology Grant, Scottish Dermatological Society Grant

The EADV Reduced Registration Fee (former Fellowship) offers 500 registrations at a reduced price for its congresses and 100 for its symposia.

Call for Applications

Applications for Scholarships and Grants are open. Click on the link below to learn more.

To read the instructions to applicants, please download the file.

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Alumni Club

Once a year, the EADV offers one EADV Alumni Club "Lecturer of the Year" Scholarship award to dermatovenerologists from around the world.

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Photos of Past Ceremonies

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Reduced Registration Fee

The EADV offers 500 reduced registration fees (formerly known as fellowships) to dermatologists and venereologists who are not otherwise supported to attend the 2018 Congress in Paris, France.

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