Towards a common CME-CPD standard in Europe

CME-CPD (Continuing Medical Education, Continuing Professional Development) is one of the pillars for quality assurance in medical care. It means that the medical specialists are due to continuously update and enhance their knowledge, skills and behaviour/attitude towards their patients, their peers and their staff.

The newer term of CPD (Continuing Professional Development) covers the continuum of lifelong medical education, at all stages of a doctor's career.

There is no uniform system of CME-CPD in Europe. National Accreditation Authorities have different credit system and approaches on the procedure.

In some countries, CME-CPD is mandatory, in some it is still not subject to regulatory requirements. The non-fulfilment of the required CME-CPD hours/credits may, in some countries, be followed by sanctions, e.g. in Germany, where the reimbursement of medical acts can be reduced or the right to practice for insurances may be withdrawn. In Switzerland, the new federal Law on Medical Professions (2007) stipulates "lifelong learning" and provides reprimands and fines for not fulfilling the required CME-CPD.


In order to contribute to the highest attainable quality and standards of medical care, the UEMS (European Union of Medical Specialists) set up the EACCME (European Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education) to allow harmonisation and mutual recognition of accreditation in Europe and to ease access to international CME-CPD activities.


The EADV applies to the UEMS-EACCME to provide accredited activities for its specialists.

To learn more about the UEMS-EACCME, please click here.

To read the UEMS curriculum in Dermatology and Venereology (2017), please click here.


The Scientific Programming Committee (SPC) is responsible for the quality assurance of CME-CPD during EADV Congresses, while the Education Committee (EADV School) is responsible for organising accredited fostering courses for practising dermato-venereologists and a rising offer of online learning opportunities.

As these educational events organised by the EADV are international by their academy and attendance, the UEMS-EACCME rules apply and define the maximum number of credits to be granted.

Every active learner is entitled to a certificate that can be downloaded after completion of a course or an event. It will be up to the participants to contact their National Accreditation Authority (NAA) to have their ECMECs recognised and/or converted into national credits according to the regulations being in force in their country.

The EACCME-UEMS requires every attendee to submit a post-evaluation form to assess the effectiveness of the educational goals. Evaluation data is essential to the statistics and is of considerable help in the choice of future topics and speakers. Feedback and comments from participants are greatly appreciated.

CME-CPD Guidance

In anticipation of every congress, meeting or fostering course (the so called LEE - Live Educational Events), EADV officially applies to the UEMS for accreditation.

Download your Congress Certificates and CME Credits

Find and download all your the CME-CPD and attendance certificates from the past EADV Congresses or Symposia.