22 February 2018

New Speaker Invitation Module

The EADV is constantly looking for innovative ways in which to improve the internal processes and become more efficient. With the recent implementation of the new back office software in the EADV offices, came the addition of the Speaker Invitation module.

Although still in its early stages, this system has already proved to be quite a valuable asset to the EADV staff. As with all new procedures, the system still requires a little bit of fine-tuning and patience, however improvements and ways to simplify the steps are always in the forefront of our minds.  

Invited speakers will receive an email, automatically generated from our system from no-reply@m-manage.com and will be redirected to the “Program Invitations” platform of the particular event in discussion.

By simply clicking on either “accept” or “reject” the automatic reply will be transmitted directly to the back office. All “accepted” invitations will be immediately visible in the online programme.

If the topic is not relevant or the timing of the session is not suitable, there is space for commenting when clicking on “reject”.  We also gladly accept replacement speaker proposals on this page, however all proposals must pass through the Scientific Programming Committee for acceptance beforehand.