26 October 2018

NAWG survey: Your feedback matters!

The EADV’s Nurse Association Working Group (NAWG), is leading a new project to measure the outcomes of community-based research, and we would like to hear from you and your experienced healthcare staff.

Modern dermatology requires more and more often the assistance of well-trained and highly qualified Dermatology Health Care Practitioners (DHCPs).
You are invited to take this short survey to help us understand the impact of DHCPs in the dermatologist’s daily work, as well as their main topics of interest. 


The survey is divided into 2 parts:  the first part is for dermatologists only, while the second part should be forwarded to your nurses for completing.



It will take about 2 minutes to complete and it includes space for you to comment. 
Deadline: The survey will remain open until 31 December 2018

We thank you for participating in this survey; the goal is to use this information to explore programmes that will improve your daily life as the dermatologist, the professional satisfaction of your DHCPs and most importantly, highly qualified patient care.
Please spread it around your department - it will give your nurses the opportunity to make their voice heard and help shape the future of the EADV.


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On behalf of:
Nurse Association Working Group