Duration: 60-90 minutes (each lecture 20 minutes)

The Plenary sessions are the EADV show-case sessions and include key-note lectures delivered by eminent scientists and doctors.


Duration: 90 minutes

The presentations in these tracks are aimed at Board-Certified Dermato-Venereologists and should include short reviews of the above-mentioned aspects, as well as an extended update and a critical analysis of the published data from the past 4 years.

Training and Educational Forum

Duration: 90 minutes

The presentations in these tracks will provide real training and teaching for residents and trainees, including the basics in clinics, histopathology and physiology of important diseases along with explanations of the classical treatments. Presentations will include new data published over the past 5 years.

Expert Forum

Duration: 90 minutes

This level is an expert forum where the most experienced specialists can find an exchange platform to critically discuss and debate the newest developments in dermatology and venereology, as well as data from the past 1-2 years.


Duration: 3 hours

The goal of the session is to provide new information on a spectrum of illnesses in dermatology and venereology with a focus on developments relevant to the daily practice. The invited speakers (leaders in their area of expertise) are expected to summarise a number of spotlights and practical pearls in a compelling, stimulating and critical way. These lectures should not be prepared as a review.

What's New

Duration: 90 minutes

These sessions are designed to provide attendees with state-of-the-art information and a summarised overview of a particular field. These sessions are usually grouped together to precede or follow the closure of an event.

Free Communications

Duration: 90 minutes

Free Communications (and the Junior Session) are organised as thematically focused sessions. Two chairs introduce and round-off the session, stimulate questions and encourage discussion points. During these sessions, accepted abstracts or cases from the open call for abstracts will be presented in pre-set categories. As a general rule, Free Communication sessions will allow 7 minutes for the presentation and 2 minutes for discussion (9 minutes/ abstract).

Junior Session

Duration: 90 minutes

As indicated above, the Junior Session is a type of Free Communications session and an age restriction of 35 years will be applied. Special sessions may also be considered for juniors on aspects such as how to prepare a paper, how to present, how to prepare for an exam or similar.